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Whether you are a golf beginner or an experienced player, at Prague City Golf Academy we will offer you comprehensive golf services. Training, advice, selection of sticks, their customization and much more. We are dedicated to individuals and groups, we offer individual lessons and training for a larger number of interested parties. We organize training sessions or introductions to golf for companies, associations and organizations. We focus on those who have no experience with golf at all, but also on advanced players as well as the most experienced and best golfers. We are dedicated to children and juniors, but also to older people and seniors

We will adapt your training to your needs, wishes and possibilities. For us, golf is not just a simple hitting of the ball, but an interweaving of bio-psycho-social spheres. We guide our players to a comprehensive approach, which includes not only the technique of golf skills, but also healthy motor development of the musculoskeletal system, injury prevention, the basics of healthy nutrition and mental training. Thanks to this, we are able to maximize the effectiveness of the training process and achieve better performances.

We will advise you, teach you the right techniques and go through everything with you honestly. At our Prague City Golf Academy, the goal is to help players move one step closer to their personal goals. We have modern technologies, extensive training areas, indoor and outdoor tees in three different areas – Zbraslav, Vinoř, Rohan. You can choose from a wide range of courses aimed at all game levels.

Train with the best and take your game to the next level. Become part of the Prague City Golf Academy, we will teach everyone to play golf!

The main partner of Prague City Golf Academy is Pražská teplárenská by Veolia, the other partner is Hlavní město Praha.


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Our Team

Professional, active top players, with a lot of experience. Our trainers are ready to give you one hundred percent attention.

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Although the game may end when the ball is in the hole, teaching and training cannot. Every golfer – beginner or advanced, small or large – should get a chance to get a better feel for the game and their progress thanks to training. We want to help players of all ages and skill levels move one step closer to their personal goals and golf dreams.

An integral part of the academy is the TCM  System , which allows us simple communication between everyone – club, coach, child and parent. This platform provides, in addition to a detailed overview of the training plan, the possibility to quantify game and training data and compare them over time. Thanks to this, we can precisely monitor the performance of our clients and design the right training program. The academy also has the most modern technological equipment for measuring and improving the golf swing, such as Trackman, Boditrack or SuperSpeed. Thanks to them, we are able to analyze the golf swing in detail and optimize the training plan. In cooperation with the Czech PGA and FTVS UK, we have developed our own golf testing system, which allows us to very accurately record and compare the level of golf skills.

Come try it out with us and join us! Become part of the Prague City Golf Academy.


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