Accommodation in our Prague City Golf Vinoř resort ready.
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Experience a pleasant stay in our Prague City Golf Vinoř complex with the option of accommodation in one of our 9 double rooms, or treat yourself to luxury in one of 2 luxurious large apartments.

All our rooms are furnished with an emphasis on modern design and comfort to provide you with maximum comfort. Comfortable beds ensure quality rest after a day spent on our golf course. In addition, the rooms will offer you an impressive view of the golf course and the surrounding greenery, giving your stay a unique relaxing touch.

Whether you are an avid golfer or looking for a quiet place to relax, our accommodation will meet your expectations. Come and enjoy a combination of gentlemanly sports, gastronomic experiences and relaxation in an environment where comfort meets the beauty of nature.

We offer a total of 11 rooms, you can choose from three types: