David Carter, PCG Academy Head Professional

David Carter

PCG Academy Head Professional


David Carter was born in 1972 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He started playing golf at the age of five. After many years of cultivating various sports, David focused solely on golf. He turned pro at 17 and qualified for the Sunshine Tour. After completing his civil service, he followed his parents to England to pursue his dream of playing in Europe. It took David four years to qualify for the European Tour. His career on the European Tour (now the DP World Tour) spanned more than 15 years and played nearly 400 tournaments. He has 3 professional victories to his credit: Irish Open, World Golf Cup with Sir Nick Faldo and Indian PGA 9 hole playoff.

In 2009, after back surgery, David decided to retire from tournament golf and found his own golf academy in the Czech Albatross Golf Resort. It was there that David found his passion for coaching mainly children and recreational golfers. His beliefs about how and what to practice are based in a significant way on how he was taught by his father, one of golf’s oldest professionals.

David Carter’s Basic Teaching Principle

“In my teaching, it’s never about just fixing your golf swing. It’s more about understanding your golf swing, how it works, and what you can do with it. I say, ‘Try hitting over that tree or under this one. How about playing that around the tree?”.

David and his brother spent hours trying different things and that upbringing, that training, shaped some of his teaching methods today, which is also influenced by studying and going through the Golfing machine and studying with Vision 54, Michael Hebron, Mac O’ Grady. The experience, knowledge and skills gained allow David to have a really wide range of coaching skills to help players enjoy the game. David has also been involved in the Czech national golf team for more than 6 years. He worked alongside legendary trainer Staffan Johansson and now works with Harry Scott. David’s dream is to help players achieve national team success, get into college and then become successful professional players.

“I’m happy to help everyone find the best way forward for each individual.”