Tomáš Gryc, PCG Academy Manager, Head Professional PCG Vinoř

PhDr. Tomáš Gryc, Ph.D.
PCG Academy Manager, Head Professional PCG Vinoř


Tomáš Gryc was born in 1984 in Český Krumlov. Since childhood, he has been involved in a number of sports, especially football (but also hockey, basketball, volleyball and floorball), which he stopped playing at the age of 17 after prolonged injuries. At the same time, he coincidentally got the opportunity to try golf and then play it at the now defunct GC Lipno. After finishing his studies at the gymnasium, he went to study at Charles University and stayed in Prague. He first completed a master’s degree in Physical Education and Sports with a golf coaching specialization at the Charles University, followed by a postgraduate doctorate in the field of Kinanthropology (sports sciences, movement sciences) and remains partially at the Charles University, where he is engaged in research in the field of kinematics and kinetics as an academic. human movement (among other things, 3D kinematic analysis of the golf swing) and issues of analysis of playing skills and fitness of junior golf players. He is the author or co-author of more than 30 scientific publications and lectured, among other things, at the prestigious World Scientific Congress of Golf.

Tomáš ended his successful amateur career in golf in 2009, when he became a golf professional (Teaching Professional) after completing his studies at the Five Star Golf Academy of the Czech PGA. Since then, he has participated in a number of extension seminars with top foreign professionals focused on a wide range of golf knowledge and skills (development of junior golfers, use of kinematics in energy production, short game, etc.). Since 2014, he has also been the director and lecturer of the PGAC Education System, where he focuses on the field of player and club movement diagnostics during the golf swing, training cycle planning and game skill analysis options. In 2023, he received the Five Star Golf Professional award from the Confederation of Professional Golf (formerly the PGA of Europe) for his scientific approach to golf and its transfer to coaching practice.

What is his teaching philosophy?

Motto: “When golfing, let’s always keep a sense of humor and take it simply as great fun.” Because where there is infinite room for improvement, there is also infinite room for dissatisfaction!”

That’s why Tomáš applies a wide range of knowledge and experience he gained during his career as a golf professional when training his charges, but he considers the acquisition of new golf skills in a playful way to be the most important. It places emphasis on the individualization of the execution of the golf swing with regard to the fitness requirements of the client and in accordance with the biomechanical principles of the golf swing. When leading youth training, he emphasizes training in accordance with the biological development of the child and in accordance with the concept of long-term development of the golfer, which is applied throughout the PCG Academy so that each individual has the best chance to succeed in top and professional golf.